The prize of “Grigor Khachatryan” is endowed with a peculiar paradox, as the prize and its appellation are The prize of “Grigor Khachatryan” is endowed with a peculiar paradox, as the prize and its appellation are identical. The founder of this prize that is himself Grigor Khachatryan says.” You are not men, you are the contemporaries of Grigor Khachatryan, or I am not a man, I am Grigor Khachatryan”. And it means that Grigor Khachatryan is an ideal and not an ordinary creature. The moment of appearance of the ideal is the moment of transferring of the creature into the muse. Epochs are called by thenames of those people, who inspire that epoch with their ideas and whose spirit becomes the muse. This ridiculous imitation is a double blow to the social and personal narcissism of the artist.

The Soviet totalitarian system like other systems, awarding the artist, flattered his pride but at the time social-political authorities took the prize away from him. The prize in the Soviet System just meant that “Soviet people” and “The Communist Party” appreciated the art of the artist. It didn’t mean that the artist was above other people, on the contrary, the award –winning was accompanied by the personal humiliation, putting stress on the fact that the artist was an ordinary man. By awarding the prize they emphasized the artist’s modesty, the art of the winner was just the carefulness of the party and the expression of people’s genius. Thus the winner of the prize was the people and the party. It was the vise of that narcisstic self- respect that intensified self-adoration of that instance and after this the people and the party loved them more. The artist in that rite was a secondary performer. In fact people loved those artists who had no prize like Visotski and others.

The overthrow of the Soviet System was indeed a self-critical deed. There was no sense any longer in theatrical self-adoration shows that made the prizes more senseless. Ridiculing the Soviet social rite was not so important but just a partial factor for the prize of Grigor Khachatryan. The important factor is the manifestation of the artist by the help of giving awards. Getting awards for the artist means much for the artist. It means that he approaches or identifies to his “Ideal –I” that others approve. It is very important moment as while creating something he tries to admire his “Ideal –I” always being worried by the appreciation of that “Ideal –I”. Grigor Khachatryan turns that serious love affair into farce, taking place of “Ideal –I”, he becomes the one who is longed for. This ridiculous self-imitation makes reconsider the notion of ideal, as it is very abusive when the other ideal is better than muse. Finally, it improves our understanding of ideal cleansing it from self-seeking motives.

Vardan Jaloyan
art critic