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- Performance: Heading an army troops on the 1st of May: Photo with Suren Navasardyan, Gagik Harutunyan, 1974 - Physical testing of “Grigor Khachatryan” award: Photo with Ashot Grigoryan, 1975 - Funerals in the institute, 1980 - Solemn opening of a WC in the institute, Since 1990 - “Jan Gilan’s price dropping”. Unprofitable resale of tickets, 1990 - ”Arates”: gathering of population’s pee in the basket of ANM, 1990 - Yerevan, peeing from a bridge over the river Getar with Armen Davtyan, Vahagn Atabekyan and Tigran Paskevichyan reading by heart Apoliner’s “Marabou’s Bridge”, 1990 - Nude walking, 1996 - Self-suggestion as a candidate on the post of the president of Republic of Armenia, interviews in the square of the internal and external political platform, 1998 - Paris, peeing from the Marabou’s Bridge with Vahagn Atabekyan and Vahram Sahakyan, reading by heart Apoliner’s“Marabou’s Bridge”, 2011 - Water beater


- MANIFEST. I’m not a man, I’m Grigor Khachatryan, you are not men, you are Grigor Khachatryan’s contemporary. G.K. a name high and delightful, 1990 - ART- The names that are given to earthly things contain too much error / Book by Philip/, 1990 - Attention: you may be in the spare of influence of Grigor Khachatryan’s sexual rays, which work in radius of 50000 parsec. The epicenter moves with G.K. 1991 - Sun, sun come, come, be likely to Grigor Khachatryan, 1991 - I’m protected by the state, 1991 - I vote for the voice of the caller in desert, 1991 - The only negative in me is rhesus, 1991 - I’m the one you weren’t expecting, 1991 - Happy is the one who believes without believing, 1992 - I’m greater than I think therefore I’m modest, 1992 - Nobody, even me, can’t make new. We can only call attention, 1994 - I’m the result of my parent’s sexual wants, 1994 - At first I thought I would grow up and become an artist, then I thought I would grow into an idiot, now I think I’ll die if I grow more therefore until I die I’ve not become great enough. Therefore when I die I’ll be great., 1994 - All the regressive population of the world the November 7 celebrates as the anniversary of the October Revolution, all the progressive one as Grigor Khachatryan’s birthday, 1994 - The temples were changed into churches, the New Years day was changed into Saint Johan’s, and this is the concept of how the October Revolution’s anniversary turned into Grigor Khachatryan’s birthday (Ex- Voto, Yerevan)


since 1974
- Grigor Khachatryan Prize
since 2008 - National Center of Contingency Planning


- Paintings, 1985-1990s - Graphics, Armenian Dreams, 1994 - Object #1, 1996 - Chnkarvats, 1996 - 2001 - City, 1998 - Pos, Not a wonderfull fishing, 1999 - May 1, Idol, 2000 - Pionner, 2000 - Time and Space, 2001 - Գեղեցիկ են ճշմարտության ոտքերը, since 2008 - Official Meetings, 2013 - Key to the center of unattentiveness, 2014 - Future in the Past, 2016 - Im-potencies: Power against Love  2017 -  At the outset it was the Accidentality


- Grigor Khachatryan. Prodigal Sons / The platform of the presidential candidate's foreign and internal policy (arm), 2000 - Those tired from wainting (arm), 2003 - Speech in Writer’s street, Rencontres Utopiennes, Yerevan - Geneve (arm), 2006 - The second congress of the Fools Party of Armenia, 2006 - Waiting for the train at the square near the station, an extraordinary meeting of the Fools' Party, 2006 - 1967-2007 «գարուն». արժանավայել գործերով դիմավորենք ամսագրի 40 - ամյա հոբելյանը (arm), 2006 - Nobody wanted to be a fool (arm), 2016 - Մեծին չլսես, ոտքդ քարին կառնես. Պատահականությունների պլանավորման կենտրոնի նախատոնական հաղորդագրությունը (arm)

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