Text by Nare Sahakyan

Grigor Khachatrian is one of the pioneers of the contemporary art in Armenia. He is a performance artist whose inclinations is upon conceptual art. One of his main art strategies is irony. Usually he works with the idea of discursive power. As a performance artist he has a few accessories which he is used to work with. In Çanakkale Biennial he presents an installation with one of this accessories- a heightened table, which had been used in a 6 year lasted performance, named "Armenian Dreams".

The table in Armenian cultural contextrefers to sanctificationof nation, family, and community in general. The existence of bathtub on the table is the main ironical gesture. In Russian the word bathtub translates as "vanna". Grigor Khachatrian plays with the bathtub (vanna) and the name of the lake Vana.

It refers to the phantom pains of Armenians concerning to a piece of fatherlandbeing lost about a hundred years ago. Working with the pain, which is getting more and more trivial in casual dicurses, with an ironical manner is symptomatic for the art of Grigor Khachatrian. The performance lasted from 1994 to 2000. It is a cooperation with another contemporary artist Norair Ayvazyan.